Cross-device tracking and attribution

Why is cross-device marketing attribution essential to mobile monetization?

ecommerce-funnel-traffic-distribution-by-device-1As of 2016, about 50% of web traffic comes from handheld devices (mobile
+ tablets), but less than 20% of all purchase transactions happen on handheld devices. Consumers need more screen real estate to do their price and/or feature comparisons.

Mobile advertising is an essential part of marketing strategy, but it suffers from poor monetization because consumers do not convert on mobile. Mobile monetization needs marketers to have the following two capabilities:

  1. Connect shoppers across their mobile and desktop devices
  2. Gain transparency on the attribution of mobile advertising

How does better attribution to mobile advertising boost sales?

For most merchants, the top of the funnel is dominated by activity on mobile devices. The consumer becomes aware of your brand through social channels or non-branded paid search campaigns. Not having visibility to these acquisition channels means the merchants keep spending money on the bottom of the funnel marketing - like coupons and branded campaigns.

Focus on the top of the funnel can grow revenues and profitability upwards of 6-10%.

How does Polytab do cross-device tracking?

Polytab uses two techniques for cross-device tracking:

  1. Probabilistic linkage
  2. Deterministic linkage

How does Artificial Intelligence help with cross-device tracking?

When it comes to a probabilistic linkage of a shopper across all his/her devices, the technology uses behavioral profiles of the consumers. This behavioral analytics is a self-learning algorithm that adapts with the consumer base to link multiple devices to the same shopper. Contact us to learn more.

Who uses Polytab cross-device tracking?

Companies of all sizes have used Polytab's marketing attribution framework to get clarity and direction on their marketing spending. Here are a few of our client partners.

saatva-logoMobile monetization case study

Read the case study with here.

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