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Are affiliates gaming the system? How to get the most from an affiliate network?

Affiliate marketing is a popular vehicle for creating awareness for your brand. As all other channels, an affiliate network has its pros and cons. What you get out of the channel depends on the way you measure their performance.

Common mistake in managing the affiliate network

Could affiliates be gaming the system? It is possible. In a recent conversation a marketing manager shared that they cut off an affiliate network upon discovering some affiliates had embedded cookies with their call center to get last touch credit for every sale closed by some agents. This is an extreme case, but even otherwise giving credit to affiliates for the last touch is a very poor strategy.

Key to affiliate marketing success

Good affiliates, and there are many of them, create awareness for brands and help engage the consumer at various stages of the shopping journeyThe problem is not with the affiliates but the way their performance is measured.

The way to give credit to any marketing channel – display, search, social or affiliates – is to look at the influence of the channel across the complete shopping path and the relative costs per acquisition. Especially focus on the top of the shopping funnel because the bottom of the funnel is highly dominated by coupon sales and brand marketing, where the incremental impact of marketing is minimal.

In short, look beyond last click attribution – and that’s the core proposition of Polytab Attribution.

Explore the opportunities

Affiliate marketing is often no the sole vehicle driving the sales thus it mus be viewed in a context. Polytab Attribution offers a complete view of all your marketing initiatives along the the shopping journey and across multiple devices. To learn more about your opportunities, click the button below.

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