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How to identify friction across points of shopper engagement

Shopper engagement is the key component of any sale. The contemporary shopper is well versed in the art of online research and every single interaction they have with your product brings them closer or pushes them away from the purchase. Thus, creating a frictionless shopping experience is vital for any brand to come out on […]

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How to excel in performance marketing

Performance marketing is a paradigm shift, especially for agencies. In this model the agency gets paid only when certain targets are reached by the advertiser. The most aggressive agencies peg their compensation around net earnings for their client. The more modest performance marketing programs are based on compensation around sales or leads. All in all, […]

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How to get the most from programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising without human advertising. The role of the buyer is restricted to setting the bidding strategy, the impression volume, and planning. Marketers feed their requirements and key performance indicators into the programmatic solution to launch the campaigns. While the system seems simple, it suffers from […]

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Polytab Analytics Launches BigView to make Big Data analytics and Personalization accessible to retailers of all size

BigView analytical workbench lets merchants of all sizes integrate big data analytics into retail operations for real time decision support and personalization. Palm Springs, California — February 26, 2018— Infernotions Technologies Ltd, the company behind Polytab Analytics has launched BigView – cloud-based analytical workbench at Etail West 2018, the retail ecommerce conference in Palm Springs, […]

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