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Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopper journey analysis

I did the following analysis on data compiled with Polytab’s attribution technology in the BigView analytics platform. The analysis was on the shopper journeys leading up to the purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday across our retail customers in the Fashion and Apparel segment. The analysis was written in SQL.

Here were the questions I answered:

  • What was the relative contribution of mobile vs desktop devices in respect to purchases (ie. last click)?
  • How do purchase volumes and average order values compare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday versus the annual daily averages?
  • How does Black Friday compare with Cyber Monday in respect to traffic and sales?
  • Are there any observations in respect to Millenials in respect to purchasing behavior?
  • Were there any specific observations in respect to Thanksgiving in respect to shopping behavior?
  • What’s the role of mobile on the path to purchase? What was the cross-device behavior?


Download the PDF version of Polytab Analytics Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 shopper journey analysis here.

The above graphic is a snapshot of my analysis. To request deeper insights or to schedule a call with our media team contact us via the form below.

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