Why don’t sales associates get commissions for online sales? They should. Here’s how to set it up.

Why don’t sales associates get commissions for web sales? They should. I worked summers and weekends with the catering services department of Purdue Memorial Union. Usually I’d be a server or a runner at weddings or large celebratory ceremonies. Occasionally I’d get to work private breakfast events with made-to-order omelette…

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Q&A with Florsheim Shoes’ Ryan Wittmann

florsheim shoes

Florsheim Shoes is owned by the Weyco Group. It is an iconic 125-year-old American brand specializing in leather shoes, currently run by the 5th generation of the Florsheim family. The group is growing its direct to consumer presence across digital retail channels. The e-commerce team has been using Polytab for…

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