Why don’t sales associates get commissions for online sales? They should. Here’s how to set it up.

Why don’t sales associates get commissions for web sales? They should. I worked summers and weekends with the catering services department of Purdue Memorial Union. Usually, I’d be a server or a runner at weddings or large celebratory ceremonies. Occasionally I’d get to work private breakfast events with made-to-order omelet services. The alumni were generous […]

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What is a data scientist and why would brands and retailers need one?

Ask different people what a data scientist is and you get different responses depending on their interests and agendas. A word cloud for data scientists would be a grab bag of terms like – Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, clusters, Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, decision trees, neural networks, self-organizing maps, chatbots etc. The […]

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