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Sr. Data Scientist Jaret Keniston: Polytab gives me competitive data no one else can give

Jaret Keniston, a data scientist and a power user of Polytab, speaks about his experience using Polytab marketing attribution tool to analyze shopper path of online and phone sales.

Watch the video or read below to hear what Jaret had to say.

What does data mean to you?

As a data scientist, it’s everything to me. It’s a way that I can bring insights to people at the companies I work with that they’re not getting elsewhere. And a lot of them aren’t sure how to get or how to work with it. So having data gives me a tool that company never had before and gives me a way to provide brand new insights and be valuable to the company. But also giving us the competitive edge against people who aren’t using that same data.

How do you use Polytab?

I utilize Polytab for adding new visibility to the attribution paths of e-commerce: tracking impressions alongside your users click paths, or tracking phone sales and store sales and getting to mary that into online behavior. It’s all those things that cannot get visibility into from Google Analytics or basic products like that. So I use Polytab to get data on these things that were previously completely inaccessible to me, a complete blindspot, and let me answer questions for the companies I work with to give them an insight that they previously would never have.

Jaret mentions phone sales attribution. It’s a common scenario where people place an order over the phone after doing a research online. In order to get a complete view of your shopper’s journey, you need to make that connection. More about phone sales attribution here.

So marketing in general and attribution are really big questions for me in everything that I’ve done, and that’s where Polytab is giving me data that I couldn’t possibly get anywhere else.

tracking impressions alongside your users click paths, or tracking phone sales and store sales and getting to marry that into online behavior

What do you like about Polytab?

The best part about working with Polytab – I talked to Varun a lot of time and worked with him, and he is one of the smartest people I’ve met in e-commerce, and he’s an awesome guy to work with and I love how quickly it’s developing. When I first started working with them, there’ve been so many new features added in just a few months or a year. So it’s always moving forward and always getting better, every single time I talk or work with him, and just, in general, I love his love and passion for finding data that no one else is getting for you and making it super easy to work with.

Thank you, Jaret, for your time sharing your thoughts and impressions – your account once again confirms the importance and value of the big data analytics.

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