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eTail West 2017: retailer Q&A on marketing performance measurement with Polytab attribution

The Polytab team attended the eTail West conference in Palm Springs, CA in March. Here is a rundown on the questions we were asked:

  • How are you different from Convertro and Google 360/Adometry?
  • How are you different from what my agency is doing?
  • What does it take to do the technical set-up?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Can you do in-store attribution? How?

Q. How are you different from other vendors like Convertro and Google 360/Adometry?

A. The other vendors use a supervised learning method for training their attribution analytics. It takes anywhere from 2-5 weeks to set up, costs more, and gets outdated if your business model changes. Polytab attribution using a class of machine learning algorithms called unsupervised learning. The training takes less than one day and improves over time, learning from your consumer behavior over time.

It’s much more powerful, takes less time and costs less than the other vendors.

Q. Can you measure online marketing performance on offline sales? How?

A. Yes. The set-up requires integration with your in-store consumer engagement. Read this article for more details.

Q: How are you different from what my agency is doing?

A.Your agency likely relies on Google Analytics or Coremetrics. If so, you are getting an incomplete picture. Also if you have a call center or have brick-and-mortar stores, you should be looking to complete the view of attribution across all sales channels. While agencies are very good at the creative part of marketing, and for administering paid search campaigns – the big data administration and machine learning are not typically their strengths.

Q. Can you determine TV / radio advertising impact on sales?

A. Yes. We measure the impact of broadcast advertising. This article shows how we do that attribution.

Q. How to take advantage of attribution on mobile monetization?

A. Based on our research, handheld (mobile & tablet) is 42% of e-commerce traffic & only 25% of all sales. Shoppers do a lot of their exploration and research on their handheld devices and they are mowing deeper into the funnel towards the purchase. What are those pivotal factors that push your shopper further? That’s where cross-device attribution comes into play.  See the chart below for an illustration to see how customers shift devices on a typical path to purchase. Once you can trace this behavior and know what channels / campaigns are most effective in the earlier stages of the shopping funnel you can direct funds there. Click here to read the case study.

Q. How do you measure the incremental benefit of display?

A. The display marketing performance is analysed and provided in your dashboard as a large scale evaluation of channel performance as well as on individual order level. Each ad served, depending on its position in respect to path to purchase, is attributed the level of impact to moving shopper down the pipeline, or making a purchase. Click here to read the case study.

Q. What does the technical set up need? How long does it take?

A. You paste a pixel on your website that tags your site visitors. You can also paste a pixel on your other marketing media like banner ads and emails. That data are harvested to give you attribution insights and guidance on spend decisions. Typical set-up takes 4-8 hours of technical set up for most businesses with under $250MM in ecommerce revenues.

Q. Can I see which landing pages are most effective?

A. Yes. You can measure the performance of landing pages at different stages of the shopping journey using the landing page explorer. BTW This is a great way of assessing your content strategy.

Q. What type of companies do you work with?

A. The common element across all our customers is a watchful eye on their spend. Companies of all sizes work with us – from $5M in revenues to the IR top 500.

Q. I get the big picture but what are the short-term wins?

A. The easiest wins for you are in taking these metrics to your ad tech vendors and negotiating their invoices based on the actual influence of their respective technologies in the purchases. Some of our clients have used this to dispute the influence of affiliates in the last touches before the purchases. Others have used us to influence the display implementation. I can give you more concrete examples in a 1-1 call.

Q. How can I make better use of affiliates?

A. Coupon and cashback sites typically appear at the bottom of the funnel – as the pre-purchase click. We recommend using the funnel feature in Polytab attribution to identify the channels that build brand awareness and drive incremental traffic. The recommendations engine within Polytab guides you. Click here to read the case study.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. It is traffic volume based pricing. Attribution is a commodity and scaled to the traffic on your website. So whether you are $5M or $5B in revenues, Polytab will be charged according to the data volume you send to our servers.

Q. How do I justify the spend on attribution?

A: The alternative is you are spending on your marketing blindly. For pennies to the dollar you implement Polytab and see 2%-5% increase in revenues.

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