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Etail West 2018: Introducing BigView – because you cannot personalize experiences for unrecognized customers

Join us in Palm Springs, CA at eTail West, February 26 – 28 for a one-on-one conversation on building smart e-commerce strategy. You will get a chance for the first-hand intro to our newest and the most powerful addition to our product family – BigView. Polytab team will also be featuring display and mobile attribution, powered by Polytab Attribution App.

Data management and analytics

Data is the new oil. That has been established. But for many retailers solution for mining and managing it is still foggy. Allow us to clear the view. Solutions do exist however few. BigView is one of them. The difference between them is the end user environment. BigView is designed for data-savvy teams, that are looking for a hardcore workhorse to churn their data. It supports multiple programming languages, offers secure data movement and fast deployment, among other features.

Attribution app

In addition to BigView, Polytab offers attribution app, which has been powering the growth of such companies like Saatva or Evo Gear. The top pain points for brands and companies remain the same – display and mobile strategy and attribution.

Mobile monetization

mobile ecommerce bid data polytabMobile monetization keeps on growing. last year m-commerce revenues reached $549 billion globally, with the prediction to grow nearly %18 this year again (see chart on the right). Such increase raises new challenges for marketers and retailers alike. Question is, how will you control your spend –  based on hopes or data?

The key strategy in 2018 is to gain control over Big Data in a way that it can be used to answer any and every question you have about your marketing.

Can’t make it to eTail West?

In case you have not made the plans yet, you can get a discount on the registration here. Or connect with us using the link below to schedule a demo.

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