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eTail West 2018: retailer Q&A on attribution, shopper data analytics and personalization

Another wonderful visit to eTail West in Palm Springs, CA is over and we come bearing… no, not gifts, just information. It was an exciting week – we met many leaders ready to grow their business and got to hang out with our most valued partners.

Here is the awaited overview of the major topics we spoke about at the show.

Q. How are you different from other solutions working with data?

A. Few things.

  • Polytab Analytics provides an unbiased view of your shopper. We are vendor agnostic and are not backed or owned by any media dinosaur (no offense, we love dinosaurs);
  • You get a complete access to your raw data – no other data product offers the flexibility and depth;
  • Polytab pricing is pegged to traffic. It works with businesses of any size.
  • We love technology, but all calls and emails are answered by humans based in North America!

Q. Listrak, Bronto, Oracle, Tealium, Acxiom etc all claim to deliver the single view of the customer? How are you different?

A. Three reasons  –  Accessibility, Flexibility, and Affordability.

To paraphrase one of our visitors, Polytab doesn’t “spoonfeed” the findings. The data are exposed in all granular and gory detail. You access the data through BigView and run your own analytics. You can even create your event triggers and expose these through the API to various customer-facing applications. A data-oriented business would have a field day with Polytab’s customer data platform.

Plus the timeline to deployment. True story – one of our clients has been working with one of the vendors listed above for the last eight months. No end in sight. We get this in place in 4-6 weeks.

Q. What is the big industry trend you are seeing these days?

A. Broadcast media is back with a vengeance. In particular, Cable TV is a remarkably cost-effective means for acquiring new shoppers. Here’s a case study and a research report.

Q. I get a lot of reports from GA for free? I know that’s a biased view but what’s so different about Polytab?

A. GA gives you a banana. Polytab delivers the whole tree. Grow as many bananas you want, feast on them raw or make pie, sell them to wholesalers, make a shed, do whatever.

While the analogy seems simplistic, the essence of the answer is that you get access to the data underpinning the analytics and insights. You can further build your own event triggers in real time and leverage these for personalization.

Q. What solutions does Polytab offer?

A. Polytab comprises three core technologies

  1. Attribution (online & offline)
  2. Personalization
  3. BigView analytical workbench 

Q. How do you do phone sales attribution?

A. We piggyback on your post-sale customer service process. Your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails get pixels that trace shopper pre-purchase behavior. Read this post for more information.

Q. Can you do broadcast media attribution?

A. Yes, and we are particularly good at it. The algorithm works with both long form and short form TV (and radio) ads.

Q. Can you measure social media performance?

A. Yes, you can measure your social media performance on a channel level.

Q. How do you measure display marketing performance?

A. This is done algorithmically, based on the impressions tracked by the pixel which are embedded into your ads, no matter who your display vendor is. You can vet them all!

Q. Doesn’t Google Analytics do that?

A. No. Google’s display attribution does not extend to DMP’s outside its own network.

Q. How do you do cross-device tracking?

A. We use probabilistic and deterministic methods for linking shoppers. The deterministic method uses our current repository of data which comprises 25% of devices used in North America. The probabilistic method uses behavioral modeling to link devices to shoppers.

Q. How accurate is the cross-device linkage?

A. There are two methods we use. The deterministic and the probabilistic methods. The linkages we create are conservative to minimize false linkages. So the linkages you see are upwards of 90% accuracy.

Q. How does Polytab algorithm weigh the impact of each touch?

A. The algorithm is self-adaptive and uses unsupervised learning to allocate the impact of every single touch – click or view-through.

Q. What are the benefits of using BigView – data management platform?

A. The data management platform can be used for many purposes – personalization, running queries, testing hypotheses, incident analysis, decision support, etc. You are exposed to the API so you can take action through your front-end solutions.

Q. What do you mean by personalization?

A. Personalization is any form of interaction your customer experiences with your brand. With the support of data, you have the ability to give shoppers customized content and better service. This is how Amazon wins the customer!

Q. Do you provide insights or just the data?

A: You get both.

Q. What type of data do you provide?

A. All first party data from your sales & marketing channels.

Q. How do I access it?

A. Three ways.

  1. BigView is an Apache Zeppelin based interface to the customer data platform. Run queries in SQL, Scala or Python to access and analyze your data;
  2. Download session level data at shopper ID level through the Polytab web application.
  3. Access the data through the Polytab API.

Q. Can I connect the data to visualization software?

A. Yes. Tableau and Power BI connect to the data through Spark interface.

Q. What can I do with that data?

A: Everything. Industry leaders and innovators are running their business on data for personalization, marketing allocation, decision support, forecasting…

Full access to your data gives you unlimited room for optimization – marketing, engagement, UX and so much more! #DataIsEverything #transparencymatters.

No business today can afford to not have a data strategy. Even the big players like Proctor & Gamble, Lenovo, Chase are finding out that transparency matters. They are building programmatic advertising capability in-house and/or cutting budgets. Access to unbiased and complete data on shoppers is paramount.

Q. What e-commerce platforms does Polytab integrate with?

A. All, unless yours is possessed by a narrow-minded IT fella…

Q. How long does it take to set up?

A. Depends on the service range you select. It ranges from 2 days to 4 weeks – attribution is the quickest, customer data platform (BigView) takes the longest.

Q. How long until I get actionable insights?

A. The data starts flowing from Day 1. However, we recommend waiting at least a week for the data volumes to be significant.

Q. What is your pricing?

A. Our product is highly customizable and the pricing is based on your criteria and data volume. Tell us more about your specific needs so we can give you a ballpark number.

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