Display View-Through Attribution

Display View-Through Attribution

How does display view-through attribution work?

There is a lot of noise in the display impression statistics. Industry reports indicate that only 20% of the display ads are seen by people. The balance is associated with bot traffic or ads that are outside the viewable screen for the shopper.

To get a true assessment of the impact of display ads, the marketer needs to assess the influence on two fronts:

  1. New customers: How many customers became aware of the brand due to display ads?
  2. Activated customers (from dormancy): How many customers were activated from dormancy by display ads?

The display attribution by Polytab is on the above criteria. Read more on the underlying process and the user interface here.

6 essential Display marketing metrics

There are six metrics you should be measuring to assess display marketing performance. Download the exclusive report below to see the benchmark study. As a bonus get 5 tips to get the most from your display campaigns.


display marketing metrics


How does Polytab source the data?

Polytab integrates with the major display vendors. We provide a small piece of code to embed as a 1x1 invisible pixel on your ads.

Every time the ads trigger, the data on the impression is sent back to our servers.

Later when this shopper visits your website or makes a purchase, we can analytically assess the contribution the display ad made towards the visit and/or the purchase.

How intelligent is Polytab’s AI foundation?

Well, it’s intelligent enough so you see results within a day of deployment. The underlying Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm uses the unsupervised learning framework to start the attribution from the moment of installation. Over time the algorithm adapts to the sales cycle and purchaser behavior for the merchant to improve the attribution.

Net is, you as marketer get a read on the true impact of display attribution.

Who uses Polytab display attribution?

Companies of all sizes have used Polytab's display attribution framework to get clarity and direction on their marketing spending. Here are a few of our client partners.


active-ride-shop-logo-largeDisplay attribution case study

Read the case study with Saatva mattress here.

Who needs attribution?... Everybody, including the vendors

Case in point. In June 2016, Criteo sued Steelhouse for alleged fraud. Steelhouse pushed back.The root cause of this imbroglio is poor measurement. Read more on our point of view in this blog postmoney-fight


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