Phone sales attribution

Phone sales attribution

Why phone sales attribution?

Even as businesses migrate to web-based transactions, call centers remain a valuable sales tool for closing deals, especially for big-ticket items. Often times customers need some handholding when purchasing items upwards of several hundred dollars. This is especially true of commercial or high-net-worth shoppers who demand personal expertise.

The journey for such shoppers starts on the Internet and is seeded with long-tail search campaigns. In fact, the true contribution of these channels is unknown because the shopping journeys that end with a phone call do not get linked to the digital activity.

Polytab's unique technology and processes provide the complete view of such shoppers. The technology relies on the deterministic linkage of phone shoppers to their pre-sales digital activity via insights into their post-sales digital fingerprints. The "raw" data file generated through these insights is filtered using probabilistic scoring to remove data noise.

How does Polytab link shoppers from their digital activity to phone sales?

Polytab links activity of shoppers in their post-sales interactions with the merchant to create the "raw" shopper journey data file. The "raw" file is refined with a stochastic modeling filter to finalize the output for use in phone sales attribution.

Who uses Polytab call center attribution?

Companies of all sizes have used Polytab's phone sales attribution framework to get clarity and direction on their marketing spending. Here are a few of our client partners.

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