How-to set up forwarding link in outbound (promotional or transactional) emails

To set up the forwarding link for promotional or sales confirmation emails, replace the link to the landing page with a link as below: Where: c is your unique identifier assigned by your Polytab account manager. pt_medium=email is a static value. pt_source – email client, email marketing vendor or just simply “email”.  This a static manually defined […]

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What is Marketing Attribution?

Before a consumer makes a purchase he/she is influenced by different advertising vehicles used by a brand or a merchant. It could be a television commercial, or a digital impression from a banner ad, or an email promotion, or a flyer in the mail. So, what is marketing attribution? It’s the science of measuring the influence […]

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How to do multi-touch attribution?

You have asked the questions about multi-touch attribution in multiple 1-1 calls so this merited a blog post. Do my affiliates deserve the commission? What % of the revenue is generated by new vs existing customers? How different are the purchase paths for those coming in through branded vs non-branded search? What is the LTV […]

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