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ICTV Brands guides TV advertising spending using Polytab report on media efficiency ratio: Q&A with Ted Seiler

ICTV Brands (ICTV.PK) is a health and beauty company that owns and sells a variety of products ranging from an anti-aging device or a hair removal device all the way down to skincare products. ICTV Brands have been using Polytab Analytics for a little over 6 months now. We sat down with Ted Seiler, a media manager, to talk about the experience thus far and the results that were reached using the composite media efficiency ratio reported through Polytab for his advertising allocation.

Ted joined ICTV having a background in advertising and marketing and was brought on board to manage media. He works across all of ICTV media channels monitoring, maintaining, finding efficiencies in the media spend – anything from the short form and long form TV spends, all the way to digital programmatic, facebook, social media and paid search. He works across all those platforms in terms of how the brand present themselves, determining where it can generate greater revenue.

Me: What brands are you supporting?

Ted Seiler, ICTV Brands media manager
Ted Seiler

Ted Seiler: My role supports all of our brands. Most of our business is geared around direct response marketing. Direct-to-consumer is our primary business model. We are currently growing our retail footprint in brick and mortar, but it is not our primary revenue source in the US market.

Me: Could you share your goals for last year and what are you focusing on in 2018?

Ted Seiler: Early in 2017  we acquired some new brands and products, so it was a quite a transitional year – bringing in a lot of new products, a lot of new inventory, and the goal was to bring them into our DR and retail model, helping them grow, and finding efficiencies. Previously, our key product was DermaWand, one of the leading anti-aging devices available to consumers. Recently we brought on other devices such as Kyrobak, and no!no! hair removal device. We are looking to grow these in 2018 with the ICTV platform.

Me: How is Polytab helping you reach these goals?

Ted Seiler: Polytab is helping us optimize spending across our digital marketing and our TV campaigns. Polytab launched with a focus on digital media and finding levels of attribution across paid search,  Facebook and programmatic display advertising. One of our biggest media spends is Long-Form Television.  We have developed an attribution system to help us track, monitor and understand our TV performance across direct response sales at our call centers and on the web.  We see what type of web traffic our TV media is driving to our sites – what time, what type of traffic, and how it is converting, etc. Polytab gives us a better overall picture of how our TV airings are performing instead of just looking at phone centers and guessing the effect on our web sales. Now we can take an omni-channel look at our media to see how they’re affecting each other and how our sales might be attributed.

We see what type of web traffic our TV media is driving to our sites – what time, what type of traffic, and how it is converting, etc. Polytab gives us a better overall picture of how our TV airings are performing instead of just looking at phone centers and guessing the effect on our web sales.

Me: How are you using Polytab? Is it easy to use?

Ted Seiler: The system itself is relatively easy to use and navigate. The dashboards have a lot of information about the metrics and how our media is performing. We’re currently in the process of the drilling down and generating custom reports that give us very detailed information across our web/phone response. Once we have some historical data, ideally we’ll be able to look at the findings, identify trends and start to put our spend into areas that are the most efficient and also identify the areas of wasted spend. At this point, Polytab is helping us find those pieces and pulling it all together taking a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Me: Please share some concrete examples of discoveries or new strategies?

Ted Seiler: We have been getting a report on the call center performance in terms of traffic from TV campaigns so far, and Polytab has added a whole new insight by adding web sales into the mix. This is giving new insights into our campaigns. For example, our customer demographic is skewed towards women so it made sense that we bought media on TV channels that heavily skewed towards women. Our belief was that this station’s audience will be more likely to purchase through our call centers or web. It actually turns out that the web MER (media efficiency ratio) is weak for some of these channels. So we are revisiting this assumption.

In another example, we found the 4 am slot produced a very high composite MER across phone and web sales. We added another dimension on this at the day-of-week level and discovered that the ad was particularly effective on Saturday but not on Sunday. These are just some of the insights but I will add that some of the reports have been released within the last week or so, and we are still working on identifying areas of growth or where we could find savings.

Me: What led your company to a decision of using an attribution tool? How do you see Polytab analytics supporting your business in the future?

Ted Seiler: Polytab takes a lot of time and guesswork out of the daily buys of the media mix that we are using. The system should be able to give us a feedback on what is the most efficient where we can increase our spend or where we should decrease our spend and find cost savings. The main goal is taking out that guesswork and also getting a lot more detailed omni-channel reporting.

Me: Thank you, Ted, for taking time to reflect on our collaboration.

[Interview has been edited for length and clarity]

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