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How to identify friction across points of shopper engagement

Shopper engagement is the key component of any sale. The contemporary shopper is well versed in the art of online research and every single interaction they have with your product brings them closer or pushes them away from the purchase. Thus, creating a frictionless shopping experience is vital for any brand to come out on top. But to identify points of friction you need to measure the shopper engagement across all touch points, regardless of whether they purchase or not. Here’s what you need.

Shopper engagement tracking tech

Your brand is constantly building and improving shopping experiences to engage and inform the new shoppers. This is a powerful vehicle to not only build market awareness but also to generate sales and inform product development.

To get the full benefit from this activity you have to implement technologies for tracking shopper experience across all channels – store, online, call center, that will guide your brand on:

  • Influencer marketing,
  • Budget allocation,
  • Consumer education opportunities,
  • In-store experience design,
  • Product development priorities.

There are three trackers you should implement (see their interaction flow below):

  1. Digital shopper experience tracking
  2. Phone sales linkage
  3. In-store experience mapping.

shopper engagement path

Tracker Technologies

We recommend the following technologies for the tracking

  • website tracking pixel
  • Email tracking
  • display media impression tracking
  • In-Store wifi tracers
  • In-store QR codes
  • Camera tracking

Projected benefits of tracking shopper engagement

Big data is a very powerful tool. The actionable insights extracted through big data analytics can answer the most taxing questions for executive, marketer, product designer and even IT specialist. Here are some of the questions you should be asking:

  • What’s your shopper’s journey to an online sale?
  • What’s your shopper’s journey to a phone sale?
  • What motivates them to seek you out, engage with your brand, purchase from you and then come back?
  • Who goes where in your store, how many times, & how interested is he/she? Does this translate to sales?
  • Where to move budget? Where to cut the budget?
  • How do product design and positioning influence engagement and sales?

It’s evident that brands using big data analytics achieve better results, especially on the acquisition side. We’ve observed revenue bosts upwards of 200% in certain industries. One furniture retailer picked display vendor after vetting their display advertising effort using BigView customer data platform and as of May-2018, they’ve been seeing extra $230K/mo in sales.

Unlocking shopper engagement

To see the best results, you have to be motivated to use data to your advantage. The problem with today’s market is that data is everywhere and only a few are utilizing it for their benefit. I most kindly invite you to join the modern retail leaders.

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