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IRCE 2017: Effective use of display and measuring TV advertising impact

Join us in Chicago, IL at Booth #1852 IRCE, June 6th – 8th, for an overview of Polytab attribution technology – the only full-stack attribution solution that helps merchants of all sizes scale their multi-channel shopper acquisition.

Here are three of the product capabilities we are focusing on this year at the IRCE

1. Effective display marketing

According to emarketer.com, about $32 of $67 of digital marketing budget went to display in 2016, and the trend is higher for the years to come. Nearly 80% of display ads are NOT seen by potential customers. The faulty formatting and bot traffic overwhelmingly conquers your display efforts.

Display marketing is not going away but the merchant needs to measure and monetize the effort. Otherwise it’s money down the drain. Come by and get a complimentary benchmark report on the six display marketing metrics that matter. [Or you can download the report below]

2. TV advertising attribution

TV ads remain a strong player in marketing – both broadcast and cable. In particular cable advertising can be very effective in gaining mindshare. Till date measurement and attribution to TV advertising has lagged digital media – perhaps that is why spending is going to the major digital players.

But what if we showed you that TV can bump your customer awareness up to 15% from your baseline methods. That’s what one of our clients discovered when they deployed Polytab attribution. They next used Polytab to find the best path to convert the mind share to sales.

Come by Booth #1852 at IRCE to discuss your needs.

3. Cross-device tracking

The average consumer owns 7.2 devices but only uses three of them on a daily basis. Mobile inventory for paid search can be 20% cheaper than the ads for desktops. But mobile ads typically see low conversion. We will discuss cross-device tracking with Polytab at IRCE.

What if you cannot attend IRCE?

No worries if you cannot attend IRCE in June. Contact us to set up a 1-1 session or download the our display marketing benchmarks report.