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Jomashop aligns affiliate marketing & compensations with Polytab attribution

NEW YORK, USA, February 13, 2017 — Jomashop, #23 in Internet Retailer’s 2015 ranking of the World’s Largest Luxury E-commerce retailers, has credited Polytab Attribution Technology with identifying new opportunities in managing its affiliate management strategy.

Chaim Posen, Director of Marketing for Jomashop led this initiative. His biggest win through the effort was in proving that he could sustain affiliate-driven sales by moving budget from a top organic ranking coupon site to alternate channels with 60% less bid costs. He strategically picked an affiliate who allowed him to put his own coupons, and also let him own the landing pages with no competitive bids. Polytab validated this decision by identifying these new affiliates as having a relatively high performance for the same customers.

“Polytab showed me a sizeable opportunity with Dealwiki. I was able to trim my budget while sustaining sales”, said Chaim. One of Chaim’s initial concerns was that affiliate compensation is set by the last touch. Polytab’s multi-stage attribution model helped him get a true picture of what worked to guide his affiliate compensation decisions.

“We are very pleased to be enabling Jomashop with the insights they need to manage their affiliates”, said Varun Madhok, CEO and product manager of Polytab attribution technology. “This case study on optimizing the bottom of the shopping funnel illustrates how thought leaders leverage Polytab in their daily decisions. We will look forward to seeing the other innovations driven by Chaim for Jomashop”.

About Polytab

Polytab is an audience tracking and attribution technology that helps ecommerce executives get insights on their customers’ multi-channel shopping behavior. Polytab is used by growth-oriented merchants who are looking to spend their marketing budgets effectively and to ensure their advertising partners are good stewards of their budgetary allocation. Polytab is built on a proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The technology gathers data across all clicks and all brand impressions, tracing the cross-device shopper activity to create a comprehensive system of record of the retail ecosystem. These data are harvested in real time using advanced analytics to guide merchants on where to spend next. Polytab is a product from Infernotions Technologies ltd.

About Jomashop

Jomashop has been in the retail and wholesale trade of luxury goods, such as watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories, crystal and gift items since 1987. The company went online in 1999 and is distinguished by competitive pricing on brand name luxury watches, its customer service specialists, and a state of the art New York City based fulfillment center.

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