Understand and optimize the performance of advertising choices on ecommerce & phone sales

Technology for marketing attribution built on the complete view of shopper experiences across all channels, all touch points.

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Measure marketing attribution across all channels

Marketing is complex. If the marketer adds up the stated contributions across all marketing vehicles, the numbers add up to 300%+ of actual sales. Polytab delivers an adaptive technology for mapping the marketing attribution across each touch and view. Unlike Google analytics, the technology factors in repeat purchases, email opens, display impressions and the multi-touch shopping journey.

Measure the true influence of display marketing

See the influence of the display impressions on the shopper’s path to purchase. Measure the influence of display campaigns for prospecting and reactivating dormant customers. Create a scorecard on the media properties that have deepest influence on shopping behavior. Audit your display vendors on their CPM pricing model. Polytab includes display view-through attribution.

Connect shoppers across all their devices

For most merchants the top of the funnel is dominated by activity on mobile devices. The consumer becomes aware of your brand through social channels or non-branded paid search campaigns. Not having visibility to these acquisition channels means the merchants keep spending money on bottom of the funnel marketing – like coupons and branded campaigns.
Polytab's attribution solution includes cross-device tracking so you can build an effective top of the funnel strategy.

Gain insights on what drives phone sales

Complex sales sometimes need support from call centers. How much to credit the call center for online sales? How much credit to give to digital marketing for phone sales? Polytab includes the capability for phone sales attribution.

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