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Case study: What is the impact of mobile in ecommerce?

We have been watching the mobile commerce trend for years. Mobile (used in the sense of handheld devices including mobile phones and tablets) share of ecommerce traffic has never been higher. The key question however is measuring the influence handheld devices have on sales – as opposed to just measuring how many sales are completed on handheld devices. The question has come up – what is the importance of mobile in ecommerce – especially factoring in the behavior of customers who switch devices on the path to purchase.

45 Million Devices, 1.3 Billion Pixels

We track activity across over 45 million devices. These devices trigger over 1.3 Billion of our pixels per month.


We observe a divergence in behavior depending on the merchant category – eg. furniture vs apparel vs home hardware etc. The statistics below are assembled from a merchant in the furniture category.

Mobile+Tablet is 42% of e-commerce traffic & 25% of sales (per last click)

Analysis shows that

  1. 42% of all traffic – whether it leads to sales or not – is driven by handheld devices.
  2. 25% of all sales as per last click before the purchase are associated with handheld devices
  3. Notably the % allocation to tablets is constant across both distributions



However, that’s not the complete story!

Up to 33% of all sales influenced by mobile through the shopping funnel

We further looked at cross-device shopping behavior of shoppers. See the representative graphic below on how cross-device shoppers are distributed at different stages of the journey.

Then we used our cross-device tracking analytics to merge devices to a shopper and pulled the sales distribution by device again. This is what we found.

  1. 58% of the web traffic is acquired through the handheld channel
  2. 10% + of shoppers switch devices on the path to purchase.
  3. Note that our cross-device integration algorithm is on a sliding scale. The 10% estimate above is the most conservative device merging with over 95% accuracy. The actual sales attribution for handheld devices ranges anywhere from 33% to 45% as per our estimate .

How Polytab is pivoting to the growing role of mobile in e-commerce (+ a free upgrade for all new customers)

Since 2015 when we launched Polytab attribution, one of the main pain points we have heard is the inability of merchants to trace the impact of mobile on sales. We have been hard at work all through 2016 and am very excited to announce our latest upgrade in cross-device attribution technology.

This December we are launching a new pixel upgrade and new cross-device attribution analytics. This is in beta mode and it’s a free upgrade for current customers.

Our gift for you this holiday season – I am excited to extend the beta version as a free upgrade for all new customers. Contact us to learn more about Polytab and ask about the cross-device upgrade.