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Phone sales attribution or how Estelle found her perfect champagne diamond ring

It isn’t every day that one shops for a $3000 diamond ring, but that’s what I found myself doing in a call to a Maine jeweler earlier this year. And it wasn’t just any diamond ring, it had to be a certain shade of champagne and bear a flower+twigs motif. You see, I was bridesmaid for my best friend Estelle’s wedding this past Summer and what Estelle wants she gets. She had her heart set on an arboreal theme and this beautiful wedding gown a shade of ivory with buttons running up the side that looked like a row of daisies. Estelle found this perfect diamond ring online but she’s anything but careless with her money. So she deputed me to make sure the sizing was perfect and the delivery date was well in advance of the rehearsal dinner. While I was in the call with the jeweler my mind drifted back to work. That’s how I came to think of phone sales attribution and why it matters.

Why phone sales attribution matters

Estelle’s search for her perfect ring started online. I know. I was with her the evening she had her vision of the perfect wedding and we started looking around  on her handheld. It did not take us long to shortlist the  jewellers. Actually there are a handful of jewelers who would make something in that champagne shade with a twig and flower pattern. The next step was calling in. This is where our final choice shone. Andy, the person who answered my phone, was informed, articulate and sympathetic to our timeline. He sent me a few new designs even as we were talking and I closed the deal on the phone.

Here’s when the thought struck me.

  1. Did these guys know the role that online played in the shopping journey? I loved Andy but it was really hard to get to him.
  2. Everyone bids for “diamond solitaire”, but “Champagne diamonds” are what I would describe as long-tail keywords? we chanced on these guys but perhaps they should be bidding on these keywords.

We are all aware that the contemporary shopping journey is scattered across multiple devices and sessions which are prompted by a variety of marketing channels. But if the shopper jumps channels and goes from online to offline the trail is lost. This is why I feel Phone Sales Attribution matters so much. Knowing what works is critical.

An alternative to spray and pray

I was also reminded of a sales call I attended. This company sees a lot of phone sales since the lowest tier product costs over $2K. Without proper phone sales attribution, they had no way to unravel which marketing channels are delivering those sales. The quote below stuck with me.

“we spend money on digital marketing, but the conversion tags in analytics dashboards show very low returns and extremely high cost per conversion. But at the same time, the sales keep growing. If we knew what works we would do more of it rather than spray and pray”

How it works

For any digital to digital (marketing to sales) tracing, you can put a tail on your customer using pixels, cookies, utm tags, etc. People jump from one place to another and you can see the triggers that move them down the funnel. Polytab’s pixel tracking technology links shoppers’ digital activity to their phone sales conversion via the post-sale tracking of the shopper. This is the deterministic method for linking device fingerprints across touch points. These data are then refined using probabilistic methods to link shoppers across devices.

phone sales attribution


This is a deductive approach. You put a tail on a customer after they complete the purchase and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) traces back their clicks and view-throughs prior to that purchase. As you can see in the example below, you can drill down to see what impact each campaign/channel has on offline sales.

phone sales attribution

Do you need phone sales attribution?

There are several types of companies that can benefit from phone sales attribution.

  1. You sell high-cost items online.
  2. You sell niche items.
  3. You sell “As Seen on TV” products with specific call-to-purchase time windows.
  4. You offer product catalogs.

If you fall among one of the above profiles, call us! We will put a tail on you too, no joke. You can also just email and ask how Polytab can help you get more out of marketing efforts.

phone sales attribution


An image of diamond samples by Seth Lemmons  used with permission under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.