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Polytab Analytics Launches BigView to make Big Data analytics and Personalization accessible to retailers of all size

BigView analytical workbench lets merchants of all sizes integrate big data analytics into retail operations for real time decision support and personalization.

Palm Springs, California — February 26, 2018Infernotions Technologies Ltd, the company behind Polytab Analytics has launched BigView – cloud-based analytical workbench at Etail West 2018, the retail ecommerce conference in Palm Springs, California. The technology lets merchants build real-time decision support and personalization solutions off a customer data platform targeted to retailers. Its core benefit is that it lets merchants access state-of-the-art infrastructure for big data analytics at a fraction of the cost and effort that it would take them to build up in-house.

Merchants get access to a customer data platform through an interactive web-based notebook. The customer data platform delivers a single view of all shoppers with their interactions with the business across all sales channels and marketing vehicles. The customer data platform includes technology for tracking shoppers across devices. It uses machine learning technology for marketing attribution. The platform can also trace shoppers across digital and offline channels – such as retail or call center. Merchants can plug in external customer data to further enrich the view of the customer.

BigView lets data analysts and scientists perform data discovery, exploration, reporting and visualization through the web-based notebook as well as program shopping experiences in real-time. Here’s a select feature list:

  • Programmability in Scala, R, Python and SQL;
  • Integration with 3rd party business intelligence tools like Tableau, Power BI;
  • Integration with IoT (Internet of Things) gateways;
  • Programmable personalization API.

The key benefits for business executives across the enterprise:

  • Horizontal scalability to petabyte scale;
  • Rapid deployment (4-6 weeks for mid-sized enterprises);
  • Low engineering overhead;
  • Omni-channel personalization;
  • Real-time decision support.

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