Personalize shopping experiences across all systems of shopper engagement

Provide personalized offers, service and product selection using insights extracted from Polytab's customer data platform for retailers.

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Use personalized shopping experiences to gain mind share, build market share

When an industry behemoth like Amazon has the lock on shopping convenience and cheap prices, every merchant has to focus on shopping experience. Delivering personalized content is a business necessity. You lower your cost of acquisition and retention, boost your customer lifetime value with real-time personalization across your systems of engagement.

Use insights on what motivates shoppers to add value to their shopping experiences

Polytab's recommendations engine delivers real-time updates on content using the data feed on timeliness, product relevance, geography, shopper lifestage and leading indicators of product purchase.

Reduce dependency on product listing ads

Product listing ads train shoppers to use paid search as a short cut into your website. An intelligent recommendations engine trains shoppers to expect a proactive and intelligent content selection catering to their needs.

Is e-commerce profit proof? Or How to make money in e-commerce?

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