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Saatva gets a handle on multi-channel marketing with Polytab attribution

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 10, 2017 — The Saatva Company, #300 in Internet Retailer’s 2016 ranking of the Top 500 E-commerce retailers, has credited Polytab Attribution Technology for providing the business a complete picture on shoppers’ behavior.

Saatva was recognized as the 5th fastest growing e-retailer in the USA in 2016 in no small part due to the company’s multi-channel marketing strategy. The company recognized that marketing channels overlap for consumers. This makes it difficult to assess what is truly adding value to the business. In particular, the view-through impact of display marketing was not clear. Ricky Joshi, Chief Marketing Officer for Saatva, seeded the Polytab attribution initiative to address this issue.

Since launch Polytab has delivered a running report on the incremental impact of display marketing to guide the marketing team. The attribution analytics are built off a system of record of consumer interactions with Saatva’s marketing. These data have been an invaluable resource for Saatva’s decision support team.

Harrison Doan, Director of Analytics says, “The first benefit we realized from Polytab was a comprehensive vetting of 3rd party display vendors. We are now mining the data for campaign clustering and mapping out the shopper journey”.

“We used to only look at Google Analytics to measure marketing performance and Polytab complements GA to enhance the source of truth”, says Chris Marquer, Sr. Marketing Analyst with Saatva. “Polytab gave us unprecedented clarity on when and how our marketing touches our customers.”

“We are very proud of the value Saatva is realizing with Polytab”, said Varun Madhok, CEO and product manager for Polytab. “The team is using the analytics to explore new growth opportunities. This is the most exciting part of the relationship and I look forward to seeing Saatva scale new heights in 2017 and beyond”.

About Polytab Analytics

Polytab is an audience tracking and marketing attribution technology that helps ecommerce executives get insights on their customers’ multi-channel shopping behavior. Polytab is used by growth-oriented merchants who are looking to spend their marketing budgets effectively and to ensure their advertising partners are good stewards of their budgetary allocation. Polytab’s technology is built on a proprietary Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The technology gathers data across all clicks and all brand impressions, tracing the cross-device shopper activity to create a comprehensive system of record of the retail ecosystem. These data are harvested in real time using advanced analytics to guide merchants on where to spend next. Polytab is a product from Infernotions Technologies.

About Saatva Company

The Saatva Company is devoted to building customer relationships built on providing the best buying experience over a lifetime of mattress purchases and ensuring that the customer will never have to go to a mattress store again. The company designs and delivers luxury mattresses through 19 U.S. and Canadian-based factories and 135 fulfillment centers. By cutting out the middleman and retail store markups in the traditional supply chain, the company is able to provide a luxury product at a significantly lower cost than other retailers and with a lot less hassle for customers.

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Image of mattress courtesy of Michael Dorausch – Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)