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How-to set up forwarding link in outbound (promotional or transactional) emails

To set up the forwarding link for promotional or sales confirmation emails, replace the link to the landing page with a link as below:

email tracking


  • c is your unique identifier assigned by your Polytab account manager.
  • pt_medium=email is a static value.
  • pt_source – email client, email marketing vendor or just simply “email”.  This a static manually defined element and is optional. However, it provides deeper performance insight
  • pt_campaign – campaign title, this a dynamic element and is optional as well. Make sure the syntax follows email vendor’s format. For example %%campaign-id%%.
  • cid is the URL encoded customer’s email with “@” sign converted to “%40”. This is a dynamic variable, use the tag provided by your email service provider (such as %%email-address%%).
  • [timestamp] is a unique number needed to ensure accurate results. It’s a dynamic variable, use the platform provided syntax, such as _=%%dateandtime%%
  • to=URL is a URL encoded destination address, where every special character like “/” is replaced with URL encoding. This is important especially if the URL address contains “?” or “&” characters. See the list of URL encoding reference here.


The link below

https://pixel.infernotions.com/pixel/go?c=ClientID&pt_medium=email&pt_source=yourESP&pt_campaign=%%campaign-id%%&cid=%%email-address%%&_=%%dateandtime%%&to=https%3A%2F%2F www.polytab.com

in the browser will appear as


and will forward to https://www.polytab.com

If you have any other questions, visit our support portal.