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How-To: setting up offline sales attribution tracking using email

Email is a top choice tool for business communication and growing. It is also a top choice vehicle of capturing pre-sale shopping journey for customers who complete the sale offline – over the phone, catalog, mail in, etc.  All you need to do is embed a pixel in a post transactional email your customer receives after ordering over the phone or through a catalog.

Step 1 – choosing the email

Possible transactional emails (pick one or all) to pin the pixel to:

  1. Order confirmation email;
  2. Shipping confirmation email;
  3. Payment confirmation email;

Step 2 – update hyperlink

Any hyperlinks in the body of the above emails must be updated to include the elements below:

So, if you had a link like http://www.my-store.com/orderconfirmation.php that would be updated as below for an order XNKS458 that was placed over the phone.


Step 3 – image pixel integration

The noted email pixel has to be included in every order confirmation email. The dynamic value fields for “ordernumber=value” and “emailaddress=value” should be updated automatically and may be formatted differently depending on your eCommerce platform.

NOTE: the email field is a great optional insight, however, the “ordernumber” field must be populated dynamically and is ESSENTIAL. 

Email marketing attribution set up

A similar process applies to setting up email marketing attribution!

Any hyperlinks in the body of the outgoing emails must be updated to include the elements below:

So, if you had a link like http://www.my-store.com/promotions.php in the labor day special, that would be updated as below:


If you have any questions on how to set up your offline sales attribution, contact us via the button below. To learn more about benefits of offline sales attribution, read this post.

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