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How to identify friction across points of shopper engagement

Shopper engagement is the key component of any sale. The contemporary shopper is well versed in the art of online research and every single interaction they have with your product brings them closer or pushes them away from the purchase. Thus, creating a frictionless shopping experience is vital for any brand to come out on […]

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What is Marketing Attribution?

Before a consumer makes a purchase he/she is influenced by different advertising vehicles used by a brand or a merchant. It could be a television commercial, or a digital impression from a banner ad, or an email promotion, or a flyer in the mail. So, what is marketing attribution? It’s the science of measuring the influence […]

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Jomashop aligns affiliate marketing & compensations with Polytab attribution

NEW YORK, USA, February 13, 2017 — Jomashop, #23 in Internet Retailer’s 2015 ranking of the World’s Largest Luxury E-commerce retailers, has credited Polytab Attribution Technology with identifying new opportunities in managing its affiliate management strategy. Chaim Posen, Director of Marketing for Jomashop led this initiative. His biggest win through the effort was in proving […]

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How to use Polytab’s funnel breakdown feature [video]

According to Econsultacy’s new report on state of marketing attribution, 46% of companies “reported decreasing spend across all or some channels”. This only proves the importance of measuring the real time performance of all your marketing channels. And not only measuring but also having it to add up to 100%. Watch the video below to learn […]

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Shaving money like Shinola on paid search advertising

We attended the NRF Digital summit last week in Dallas. The keynote on September 28th was by Jacques Panis, President of Shinola who talked about delivering (almost) the same sensory experience for their watches and leather goods through the digital medium as they do through the showrooms. Even as Jacques spoke of strategy and vision, there […]

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