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What are your thoughts on the new Google Attribution rollout?

I got the email below today and felt compelled to reply.

Varun, I would love to get your thoughts on the new Google Attribution rollout. http://adage.com/article/digital/google-moves-kill-click-attribution-sf-event/309129/

I get the sub-text. Google’s claim could have been lifted verbatim from Polytab attribution‘s marketing. Here is the description of the Google technology from Adage.

“The product uses machine learning, … to assign a weighted value to every different touchpoint along consumers’ paths to purchase…It’s also free in the version designed for small and medium-sized businesses”

This is an open response to every associate/partner who is wondering how Polytab differentiates versus the new Google attribution.

An open response to associates/partners – “Blue Skies”

We exceed the paid and free offerings from Google (or the other attribution vendors). We integrate more data feeds and offer a more complete attribution stack. Our clients get 1-1 transaction ID tracking on display, email, TV ads and print media engagement for online and offline sales. Plus, our core proposition is data transparency and accessibility.

So how do I feel about the new update from Google — I am glad they are catching up with what clients really need. It also keeps us sharp and relevant. And how do we do that? It comes down to you, our associates and partners, and keeping open communications with us. All your blue sky ideas and wish lists become product features. That’s how we win.

An open letter to prospective clients – “Data is the Oil”

If you are considering attribution, put Polytab in your long list. But let’s qualify the fit before we get on a call.

Polytab is best suited for client partners who take a holistic view of the business, and have the willingness to test new hypothesis to benefit the business as a whole. This curiosity has to be supplemented with a strong analyst team with day-to-day access to Polytab. If you feel your business has this mix of curiosity and capability, we should talk.

Here’s why? Because Data is the new oil. And Polytab helps you take charge.

“Data is the oil, the network effect, a significant barrier of entry, and most importantly the value a company can provide its clients that no one else can” – blog post by Oren Kaniel, Appsflyer

We have been empowering our clients with the complete view of their consumer base with data. Data is key. So it sounds ass-backwards when your data is retained and managed by the media company that sells you advertising where you bid to participate.

It’s your data to use. All the answers on your shoppers are in your data – aggregated across your website, paid search, TV stations, social channels, email services, agency, print media or any other vehicle in the mix. And it’s your data to use as you see fit. So if it’s attribution, or spend optimization, or demand forecasting, or shopping path optimization – Polytab gives you the control. If this appeals to you, reach out to me to discuss what you want to accomplish.


Image of oil jacks by Richard Masoner used under permission of Creative Commons 2.0