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VillageHatShop.com benefits from using Polytab for marketing attribution

Zachary Belinsky, a Vice President at VillageHatShop.com, has sat down with me at the last eTail event for a short chat to share how his company uses Polytab marketing attribution tool. I asked him 3 questions:

  1. What data means to him;
  2. How VillageHatShop.com uses Polytab;
  3. What does he like about the tool;

Watch the video or read below to hear what Zach had to say.

What does data mean to you?

Zach: Data is everything. It’s how you keep the business moving forward. But most importantly, it helps us to gain insights on where we are falling short for the customer, so we can make those changes and give the customer what he or she needs.

How do you use Polytab?

Zach: We use Polytab to get down to the details to track customer journeys. We can see each person’s path to purchase, how many times they searched for us and came to us that way, how many times they clicked on one of our paid ads and what pages they visited one they were on a site. It really helps us to get an idea of what each customer is going through and it surprises you. You’d think one thing is going on but it’s not – there’s so much more going on in a customer’s minds, and you can really get a handle on that.

It really helps us to get an idea of what each customer is going through and it surprises you.

Do you have examples?

Zach: My favorite example is about a partner we had that we were working with for prospecting and we suspected that they were doing a lot more remarketing and calling it prospecting and we were able to prove that and show them that through Polytab attribution. That really helped us to pivot and focus on what we had to focus on and to hold the prospecting vendor to account for what they were doing.

The example Zach has shared is a rather common occurs across multiple retailers we work with. Most use Polytab to audit their vendors and to determine the level of performance. We have compiled the findings on Display Marketing performance for you to get an insight of what to look out for. 

display marketing metrics


Zach: There are lots of situations where you can understand that people are coming to your site for one thing but end up getting another. They may think they want and an outdoor summer hat, but in fact, they want a leather top hat. And this happens more than you think. You can’t just miss those things, otherwise, you’re not serving your customer properly.

What’s so great about Polytab?

Zach: Currently, I like the part where you can see the granular data down to every page the customer visited before placing the order, or not placing the order, as well as all the times they went to your site making that decision.

Thanks to Zachary Belinsky for a pleasant and honest conversation. VillageHatShop.com is one example of how retailers use Polytab. There are many topics we didn’t touch so if any of your questions have not been answered, contact us at info [at] polytab.com

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